not about my roommate!

I figured I should actually post about my life and not just about what is ruining it! 
I transferred to Appalachian State this semester and I have 59 hours which means that TECHNICALLY I am one hour short of being a junior, so I am classified as a sophomore. GRR. This is my 6th semester in school, I should be a junior! 
I am taking Art Introduction (zzzz), Educational Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Sociology, and Concert Band. All my classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays except for Concert Band which is on Monday and Wednesday evenings. My classes are going okay, it's just really hard to meet people. The classes are all set up in lecture format so there is not much room or time for interaction. The one class that there is time for that is Cultural Anthropology, where we were put into groups to complete a project. I'm in a group with two freshmen, so we'll see how that goes. 
I've been attending Mount Vernon since I got up here, which is where April works as the college intern. Everyone there is very nice, there is just A LOT of them and it's hard to remember names or to acquaint yourself with people who already have their groups of friends. 
Tonight I went to Campus Crusade for the first time since being up here and I honestly enjoyed it. I didn't meet anyone, but that doesn't matter. I sat with April and had a great time singing and then listening to the message. 
My weekend started today at 3 when I got out of Sociology and all I have planned is to do homework, play in the pep band at the basketball game on Saturday, and to go to church on Sunday. The youth group from home is coming up here to go skiing but I'm not sure if I'll see them even though they are staying less than a mile from my apartment. 
I haven't been doing much since I've been up here except hanging out in my apartment because I don't really know anyone except for April and Shannon. April is always busy because she is taking a lot of hours and is also working at the church. 
And this post is boring me. So that means I bored you to tears about five paragraphs ago. Wait, are there even five paragraphs in this thing?? 

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