mute monday: 1986

Top Gun was top grossing movie, the bangles had the number 2 album, whitney houston's album was at the top of the charts for several weeks, robert pattinson was born, maus was the number 1 book, it was the international year of peace, out of africa won the academy award for best film, roger clemens broke the strike out record, and my parents celebrated their 1 year anniversary. the end.


Mute Monday: Visions

"the eyes are the mirror to the soul"
[Yiddish Proverb]



twitterrrr drama

Someone that I thought was a friend told me today that they stopped following me on Twitter because all I do is talk about drinking...I went on a search. The last time I specifically spoke about alcohol in reference to myself was this: 
"strawberry daiquiri yummmm


Kristen Stewart at MTV Movie Awards

Oh my goodness. I love Twilight...but this seriously has kept me laughing since I saw it live last night...

Mute Monday: New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. So want to go here...someday...