I've been reading blogs forever, but I am such a slacker about updating. Why the hell is that?
Kind of dumb actually.
I'm supposed to be starting my junior year at Appalachian State this fall but my stupid knee had to get in the way. I'm having knee surgery soon, so I'm not allowed to climb mountains again until January. Finally my stupid orthopedist understands that my knee is EFFED up. Jeez. Only took him like 8 months.
Who honestly thinks a Beef & Cheddar is tasty? UGH. Just the thought makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Andddd this post is going no where. I don't understand how some bloggers, can just spout off and be so popular.
Right now I'm watching Project Runway, and seriously people, this show kicks ass. Freaking awesome. People just freaking out about stupid-ass shit. I do wish I could sew like some of these people.
My last day at Target is in less than 2 weeks. Thank the lord. Then I start classes at Wake Tech. I freaking hate that place. I feel like everyone there is a bunch of slackers. I know that might not be true, but it definitely feels that way considering who from my high school now goes there. I'm trying to find a seat in an english class, but they are all closed. Can someone please explain to me how an ONLINE class can be FULL?!? What the hell people? Seriously.
Okay, am linking this from my Twitter & Facebook. Hopefully people will read this, even though it is total crap.

Finished now.

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