Okay. Starting this crap over. I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon. I have had a blog in the past--I just wanted to have a fresh start.
Who am I? Missy. Not my real name-just what I'm going by here. I like to sometimes be incognito. heehee. I'm 19 years old and in college. I work part time with kids, so you'll be hearing about that too.
For example: the other day a child was pulled out of a group activity for not following directions and he approached me and another counselor and said "I wasn't doing anything wrong! I wasn't touching my penis! Do you want to see??" hahahahaha. I almost died. Kids, while amazing, do make for some great stories. They're pretty hilarious little creatures. I work with all different ages so it's amazing to see how all these ages differ in the way they act and the way they relate to one another.
Right now I'm waiting for a cake to cool so that I can go to bed. I'm exhausted right now because this week was incredibly long. Wednesday J and I went to Greensboro to see Bayside and ended up not getting home until 4 am. Good times, good times.
O goodness- I'm off to bed. My cake is cooled and I have to be at church at 8 am.


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